We are interested by original content that shares our perspective and intentions. You can read our manifesto or our articles to get an idea. We read and review submitted content, you will find below a list of tips to help us process your proposal. The decision whether or not to publish your content is taken by the consensus of the members of the redaction committee.

We could accept: communiques, editorials, first hand accounts, report-backs, interviews, documentaries, original research, essays, etc.

We reject: self-promo, anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals, and the fake-news of course.

Other tips:

• Check spelling and conjugation.

• Include hyperlinks to back up facts and quotes.

• To add a photo or video in the text, skip a line and small buttons appear on the edge of the line left empty.

• Remember that this is about convincing, not just flattering the convicts.

• Document your statement. Analyze. Look for the line of accuracy.

• Publications are anonymous by default. To sign your article, log in or sign up to create an account.

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